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Phone No. (____)_______________


What Are You Looking For?

When Would You Want To Move In?
How Long Would You Plan To Stay?
How Many People?

Present Employer? What City?
How Long? What Days Do You Work? What Are Your Hours?

If Present Employment Is Less Than Two Years:
Prior Employer:
Position? How Long: Position?
Reason For Leaving:

Present Address:(City) _______________________________________________
How Long: __________________________
Current Rent Payment: _________
Reason For Moving: _______________________________________________
No. Of Occupants: ___________

If Present Address Is Less Than Two Years:
Prior Address:(City) _______________________________________________
How Long: __________________________
Rent Payment: _________
Reason For Moving: _______________________________________________
No. Of Occupants: ___________

Water Bed: Yes _____ No _____
Smoker: Yes _____ No _____
Pets: Yes _____ No _____ What Kind:_________________
Alcohol: Heavy _____ No ______ Light______________ None_______________
Quiet And Low Impact: Yes _______ Sometimes _________ No__ ____
Visitors: Many _____ Few ______ Very Few ___________ None _______
Neatness: Very: ________ Slightly ___________ Slob ______________
How Is Your Credit? Great ___ Good ___ Ok ___ Little_____ Problem____Big Problem _____
Health Problems ?_____
Special Health Requirements:_______________
Have You Ever Been Arrested? What For?
Have You Ever Been Evicted?
Have You Ever Been Sued?
Have You Ever Sued Anyone?
Were You In The Armed Service? If Yes, What Rank, Rate And Service?
Have You Been A Party To An Unlawful Detainer Action Or Filed Bankruptcy?

How Many Vehicles?
Make Model


Construction/ Handyman Experience:

Ranch/Horse Experience:

Education: Last Grade ______ School ____________Year_________

What Are Your Most Important Requirements And Concerns?

What Are Your Hobbies And Interests?

Any Additional Comments:

Applicant Understands That The Landlord May Terminate
Any Rental Agreement Entered Into For Any Misrepresentation
Made On This Request To Visit.

1. Please have each prospective Guest
fill out a separate Request To Visit....
2. Please send pictures of all prospective Guests including prospective Pet Guests in a SEPARATE EMAIL from the Request To Visit… to be used as identification on visit…

Thank You...